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bocheng series tyre retreating machine

bocheng series tyre retreating machine
Product Detailed

1.high quality
2.low operation cost
3.simple structure
4.module design
5.made in China

tyre working process

first, tyre body testing

The Pre-vulcanized retreading method is different from the traditional heat retreading techniques; it has more strict requirements on the tyre body. At first, the ring can not have broken wire, tyre appearance must be intact;the second , the tyre side face can not have too much broken scar, even broken thread. If rubber surface is aging and burned heavily, it can not be re-new, the third, small pinhole surface can be renovated, but local wearing depth can not exceed three layers. Radial tyre steel wire should not broken, drawn wire or rust marks are not allowed.

Second: The tyre body drying process

Due to the long circulating time over market, there is much dust, dirt and other debris on the old tyre body surface, in order to improve the tyre appearance and enhance inspection result; we have to clean them carefully before the drying process. The aim of drying is to wipe off the water inside innerliner, so as to avoiding the tread surface and inside layers delaminating.

Third: The tyre body polishing process

A qualified tyre body, after the certain period of drying process, it should meet the first turn polishing process by "pneumatic tyre profile grinding machines", so as to clear the waste tyre body surface. According to strict requests, the polishing action must follow the tyre body's radian and depth direction. After this step, different kinds of tyre matrix need further manual repair on the hole and scar parts, to get a rough and clear surface.

Fourth: The tyre moldiing process

Put the polished tyre on the shelf spreading the pre-mixed glue on the surface of tyre. In the meantime, put the prepared tyre outer layer on clear board also spreading glue on it, waiting for two layers become dryer, then gluing them together by tread pressed machine to expel air inside and intensify the tyre body and tread bonding strength.

Fifth: The installation of tyre accessories

Put the glued tyre in the package envelope disassembly machine to finish the tyre outer packing, and then use the wheel changer, special wheel rim and chuck to intensify the outer packing coat, finally put the finished tyre into vulcanizing tank to get vulcanization process.

Sixth:Tyre vulcanization process

Because this process is the pre-vulcanization(cold turn) retreading tyre, so it has special requests towards the vulcanizing temperaure and vulcanizing time. Through tyre inflating, tank inflating, and outer packet inner groove inflatable technique, and under certain scientiic and reasonable time and tempoerature "physical" vulcanizing, the tyre surface and body part can glue together tightly.

Seventh:Product testing

Make serious testing towards the vulcanized tyre, so as to avoiding undetected bad products into the market, resulting in unnecessary trouble and losses.

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