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hot selling tyre vulcanizating retreading machine/equipment

hot selling tyre vulcanizating retreading machine/equipment
Product Detailed

1 cold retreating
2.large capacity
3.huge market
4.easy operating
5.big profit

What is precure retreating?

      Precure retreading involves vulcanisation without a mould at a temperature of between 95 °C and 110 °C. The tyre is put together using a pre-vulcanised tread liner (= new tread) and a non-vulcanised bonding gum layer. The bond between the carcass, the bondung gum and the precured tread is created in an autoclave.

Advantages of precure retreating

      The precure retreading process is kind to the carcass, since vulcanisation temperatures are lower and put less strain on the rubber-metal bonds in the carcass. Heat build-up in the tyre, rolling resistance and other tyre properties are often easier to assess than with hot retreading.

With comparable tread geometries, the running performance of a precured retread is often better than a hot retread and the same as an equivalent new tyre.

Less investment is required on the part of the retreading plant (no expensive moulds) and lower follow-up costs, since it is the material supplier who updates the range of moulds.

A wide range of tread types are available, allowing the optimum tread to be selected for the tyre application.

       The comparatively low investment costs involved mean that decentralised, smaller production units can be operated. This means lower logistics costs and makes the operator more flexible and closer to his customers.


                                  Production line

Product name

Model and specification


vulcanizing tank

Model Specifications: JK-8

Dimensions      4300*2100*2100mm

weight  4500kg

Electric Heating:40kw

Oil Heating      200kcal


Grinding machine

Model Specification s JK-M

Dimensions      2200*1700*1900mm

weight  1500kg

power  14.5kw

Tread pressed machine

Model Specification s JK-Y

Dimensions      2100*1700*2100MM

weight  8500Kg

power  1 kw


Multi-function tyre tracks

Dimensions: 3800*1500*2100mm



Rubber powder collecting tank

Model Specification s JK-S





Packing sets changer

Model Specifications  JK-B

Dimensions      1600*1200*2100mm




Pulp stirring machine

Model Specification s JK-JA

Dimensions      800*660*1400mm

weight  160kg

power  1.5kw



Plastic extrusion machine

Model Specification s JK-JB

Dimensions     830*460*900mm

weight  150kg

power  1.5kw



Wheel disassemble and installation machine

Model Specifications: JK-G





Multi-functional tyre repair machine

Model Specification s JK-X

Dimensions      1100*1050*1200mm

weight  110kg











































































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